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TDW Family Testimonials

Tanya's Dance Worx is an incredible blessing to have in Langdon!! They offer a warm and welcoming environment for dancers of all ages; from the tiniest of tutus to the girls who have the drive to take their dancing further and be a part of their competitive team! Having 3 girls in our family, TDW is a household name! My daughter is always eager to go to class and just as eager to show us her newest skills when she gets home!!! Thank-you TDW for putting smiles on the faces of so many in our hamlet!!!
- Mandy Klimpke

Our daughter started to dance with TDW family when she was 3, after 8 years her passion and love for dance has blossomed and continues to grow daily. TDW staff has taught her the love of dance, a safe place to express herself, to respect herself and other team members. Miss. Tanya, Miss. Amanda and the other lovely teachers have shown her how to be passionate about dance, being creative, showing the students to be mentors to the younger dancers and being disciplined while dancing (which has leaded to being disciplined in her daily life). Each year, I see the passion in my daughter's eyes and how her self confidence has grown with each year of growth. Every year, my family is excited to watch the year end recital to see how all the dancers have grown from year to year and to watch the expressions and excitement of each TDW dancer on the stage. Thank you to Tanya's Dance Worx for providing a safe, professional and fun dance studio for my daughter to attend. We would highly recommend this studio to all families.
- Sabrina Stumborg

Thank you so much Miss Tanya, Miss Amanda and all the teachers for creating a rich and rewarding experience for our children. Each year at recital, I watch in awe as these dancers—dressed in stunning costumes—grow in skill, confidence and grace. I am amazed at how my daughter's love for dance grows, no doubt through your influence and dedication to each dancer. I know how much it takes to run a school, keep everyone organized and provide quality instruction. You've created a beautiful dance family and I'm very grateful we are a part of it.
- Paula Onysko

Our daughter Kaylee has been dancing with Tanya's dance works for 6 years, and dancing is now her life.  Tanya's dance worx is a mixture of professionalism, fun and family! Kaylee has developed such great confidence and self esteem, made great friends and blossomed into a fine dancer.  She has achieved this by the help of the hardworking, talented and supportive dance teachers from TDW, who have shared their love of dance!
- Nicole Becker

My daughter started dancing with Tanya's Dance Worx the first year the studio opened in Langdon and we have not missed a year since!  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her grow as a dancer over the past 10 years and having the opportunity to try different dance forms.  I also joined dancing when they held ladies classes – it was so much fun!  Miss Tanya & Miss Amanda are amazing dancers/teachers and all-round beautiful ladies inside & out!  I highly recommend anyone interested in dancing to register with their studio.  Looking forward to another 10 years!
- Tara Nichols

As parents of 2 young daughters, we have had the privilege of our girls being involved with Tanya's Dance Worx for the past 5 years. Miss. Tanya and her staff foster their love of the performing arts thru creativity, mentorship, professionalism, discipline, teamwork and fun. TDW has inspired our daughters to appreciate the fundamentals & artistry of dance while nurturing the possibilities that exist in themselves. This studio is a place where teachers and student helpers take the time to get to know your child and instill self-confidence. The atmosphere is positive, unpretentious and reinforces the values we strive to instill in our kids at home. Thanks TDW!!
- Melanie Tornqvist

Our two daughters have been dancing with Tanya's Dance Worx since it came to Langdon 10 years ago. We have been so impressed with the skill levels that Miss Tanya and Miss Amanda have and how they are able to pass these on to their students in such a constructive and fun environment. Congratulations on your 10 years!
- Elaine Ogston

TDW is more than an exceptional dance studio. It's a place where kids can explore their talent, improve self confidence and gain new friends all in a positive and welcoming environment. The teachers bring out the best in each student that can be seen year after year. I can honestly say there is never a day when my girls don't want to go to dance class. Thank you Miss Tanya & Miss Amanda for all that you do!
- Liz Jolly

Tanya's Dance Work is a great dance studio. My daughter has been dancing with TDW for 5 years and she has grown so much as a dancer through all her various dance classes with TDW.  TDW has taught my daughter about commitment, dedication, working hard and respect for the art of dance.   They have such great teachers that make the classes fun and encouraging.  We look forward to the year end recital which showcases all the dancers efforts throughout the year, which is a very organized and fun event.   I would encourage anyone who wants a professional, fun and dedicated dance studio to look at Tanya's Dance Worx.
- Heather Higman

Tanya's Dance Worx is more to our little town than just a dance studio. It's a place where kids can go not only to learn dance technique, but to gain confidence, have fun, see friends and to feel loved. Our girls come home from each class with a HUGE smile on their face and itching to show us what they learnt that day. Miss Tanya and her staff are not only passing on their knowledge for dance - but also their passion for it.
- Stephanie McFarlane

The Tanya's Dance Worx family has been a large part of our lives for the past 10 years. Little life lessons are taught at every class; detail matters, practice makes perfect, when you make a mistake, smile, learn from it and try again. I have watched our daughter grow from being a shy little 4 year old that would not come out from behind me at dance class drop-off bloom into a confident teenager that cannot wait to get to class, whether it is to go and teach, dance or just to hang out and stretch with her friends. The dancers evolve from students to teacher- helpers and ultimately (possibly) teachers and all of them are given the chance to be mentors to the little ones. We are glad for the positive influence Miss Tanya and Miss Amanda have had on our daughter and for the opportunity they have given her to be able to give back to the Langdon dance community.
- Deanna Smigel

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